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UAAD Activities Are Off to a Great Start

Programs and activities are well underway for the academic year and it has been a great start! If you recently joined as a new member-Welcome! If you are currently a member and have not renewed, you only have a few more days to go to ensure you continue to receive notices about programs planned thus far and those to be scheduled. Contact Lori Bennett Baumli to renew.

Charlotte FrankProfessional development is kicking off with Paul Wesselmann’s “Fresh & Fierce” workshop in October and our regular fall workshop “Building on a Foundation of Strength” will be held in November. Our monthly meetings will enlighten us on a variety of programs, research and facilities across UNL. We will tour some and have speakers coming to us for others. UAAD Connect has recruited ambassadors who will be assigned to new members and sponsor a mid-semester event for all members. Community Outreach is beginning the year with a month-long drive to collect needed items for Capital Humane Society. As an association, we have already been requested to provide a recommendation to UNL Police for the phasing out of emergency blue lights on campus. President Bounds hosted a breakfast for all staff and faculty senate presidents from all four campuses and follow-up meetings will be discussed. Information will be gathered at a “No smoking policy summit” in October and conversations will follow to include consideration of UNL’s commitment to developing policy on this issue. And it’s only the end of September!

Announcements with registration information for all of our programs and workshops are posted on the website, social media and in our newsletter. In addition, our members are routinely invited to workshops and professional development sessions sponsored by community and UNL organizations and these are also announced through the same channels of communication. I look forward to seeing all you renew your memberships, encourage others to join, and most of all; to participate in as many of our UAAD programs as you are able to this year!


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Other Professional Development Opportunities Available to UAAD Members

UNOPA Fall Workshop: The Art of Listening
Presented by Liz Banset
Learning and Development Coordinator | Office of Research and Economic Development

Most of us take our ability to listen for granted – something we do without thinking. We listen to obtain information, to learn, to understand and to enjoy. How well we listen has a major impact on job effectiveness and on the quality of our relationships with others, but we rarely take the time to hone our listening skills.

This workshop introduces strategies for practicing "active listening" – making a conscious effort not only to hear the words others are saying but, more importantly, to understand the complete message they are sending.

This workshop illustrates how active listening can enhance professional relationships and job performance for anyone who needs to take in and recall information shared by others – clients, supervisors, colleagues, friends or family. By becoming a better listener, you will improve your productivity as well as your ability to influence, persuade and negotiate. What's more, you'll lessen the risk of conflict and misunderstandings.

This high-energy workshop will help you develop active listening skills through fun, interactive exercises. By the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the critical difference between active and passive listening behaviors
  • Recognize the power of active listening
  • Overcome some of the barriers to active listening
  • Practice some proven strategies for listening more effectively

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 | 1 PM – 3 PM | Unity Room - Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center

Save your spot at this free workshop today at Eventbrite. PSP points will be approved for this workshop

All About You!
A UNL Wellness Initiative Event

You have four opportunities to attend this event and learn more about the following:

All About You
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Environmental Wellness
  • Occupational Wellness
  • Intellectual Wellness
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Social Wellness
  • Physical Wellness

You will also have the opportunity to know your numbers for the UNL Health Risk Assessment.

Visit their website for more information.

IT Leadership Conference
Opportunity that Scales: Women Advancing the Future of Information Technology in Higher Education
Nov 7-8 at the University of Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC)

This is the second year Information Technology Services at UNL is hosting this conference, which may be the only one of its kind devoted to bringing about awareness of issues and opportunities for women in IT in Higher Education. This year’s conference is expanding to a day and a half with engaging keynote speakers and informative breakout sessions that will focus on recruiting, developing and retaining of future leaders in Information Technology.

Please visit the IT Leadership Conference website for more information

Other Events that May Interest Our Members

  • UNL Week Without Violence | October 8th - 20th, 2016
    Visit their website for all the details
  • Hubbard Lecturer | First Peoples of the Plains | Dr. Robin Kimmerer The Honorable Harvest: Indigenous Knowledge for Biodiversity Conservation
    October 25, 7 pm - 8:30 pm | Find out more at the University of Nebraska State Museum