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UAAD Feedback Opportunity for supporting a Tobacco Free Campus

Please cast your vote regarding endorsement of UAAD support per the resolution language for the tobacco free campus initiative. Find the resolution and vote at online. The vote will remain open until the end of Monday, April 10.

Elections for 2017-2018 UAAD Officers

Individual links to the ballots for the 2017-2018 UAAD officers will be emailed soon. The deadline to cast your vote is 5 pm on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. New officers will be announced at the UAAD Picnic on Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Read about the candidates below:


  • Tony Lazarowicz
    Current Position: Assistant Director, College of Arts and Sciences Academic and Career Advising Center
    Years with UNL: 7 years
    Years with UAAD: 5 years
    I’ve been a member of UAAD since I joined the College of Arts and Sciences in 2012. UAAD has provided me an opportunity to connect and grow alongside other staff on campus. While generally those involved with academic advising on campus have found their home for professional development within the Academic Advising Association, I have appreciated the opportunity to grow and connect in different ways through UAAD. Previously, I served as chair and co-chair of the Community Outreach committee and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to help coordinate opportunities to give back to the Lincoln and UNL communities. I stepped back in my involvement with UAAD this year to help start a new Young Professionals Network here at UNL and served as the president of that association in the 2016-2017 academic year.
    As I transition out of the leadership role in YPN, I am looking forward to an opportunity to serve UAAD as the Vice President/President Elect. UAAD has a great opportunity to reach many managerial and professional employees across campus, and provide opportunities to grow in leadership, professional development, and networking throughout campus. If elected as vice-president, I’d make it my goal to work alongside Amy Lanham and the rest of the board and committee members to determine what we’re doing great and where we can improve. In the midst of significant budget discussions across campus, this type of association plays a crucial role for staff morale and providing affordable professional growth opportunities. I’ll look for ways to be innovative and create new ideas to attract new members, and seek ways to ensure that our organization is helping with meeting the mission and direction the President Bounds and Chancellor Green has envisioned for UNL.
  • Suzan Lund
    Current Position: Associate Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
    Years with UNL: 12 years 7 months
    Years with UAAD: approx. 12 years
    If elected to serve as UAAD’s 2017-18 Vice President/President-Elect, my main goal will be to learn from, and support the President in her responsibilities. I’m excited to support ongoing professional development and outreach opportunities following a year of excellent offerings in both. I’m also committed to creating ways to highlight the important role of UAAD’s university-wide committee/board representatives. I believe this representation is essential during such a pivotal time for the university. There are challenges ahead, but I know this organization of talented, dedicated people will find creative and innovative ways to not only meet the challenges but encourage and support one another along the way. It would be my honor and privilege to serve UAAD in this role.
  • Jennifer Rutt
    Current Position: Evaluation Project Manager
    Years with UNL: 5 years
    Years with UAAD: 5 years
    Jennifer has been a member of UAAD since starting with the University in 2011. During her time with UAAD, she has served in various capacities such as co-chair of the Professional Development Committee, UAAD representative to the Chancellor’s Commission on the Status of Women, and on the Webmaster/Social Media Committee in charge of UAAD’s social media presence for the past two years. This past year, Jennifer volunteered to assist a climate assessment of the UAAD organization by serving on a special survey committee, lending her expertise to survey methodology and data analysis.
    Through Jennifer’s many outlets to serving the UNL campus and community, she was recognized in 2014 with the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Invaluable Service from Dr. Prem S. Paul in the Office of Research and Economic Development.
    In addition to employment with the University, Jennifer is also pursuing a doctorate degree in Educational Studies, with a specialization in Leadership & Higher Education from the College of Education and Human Sciences. She is also an active participant in the First-Plymouth Choir and Handbell Choirs. Previous/additional boards served include: ServeNebraska Commissioner Board (volunteer); Nebraska State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW), a subgroup of the Nebraska Prevention Advisory Council (PAC); and UNL Chancellor’s Commission on the Status of Women.
  • Jenny Schnase
    Current Position: Assistant Director, Project Controls Manager
    Years with UNL: 7 years
    Years with UAAD: 5+ years
    I am honored to be nominated for Vice President/President-Elect for UAAD. I enjoy UAAD for a variety of reasons. What I value most is connecting with peers on campus and being an active part of supporting efforts to build a stronger Staff community and to enhance their collective experience going forward. I believe UAAD strives to do great things and will continue to be a positive channel of energy for the campus community. I also enjoy meeting new people on campus and learning from others. I ask for your vote and would enjoy the opportunity to serve UAAD members as Vice President/President-Elect.


  • Kacey Nelkin Pedersen
    Current Position: Grants Coordinator II
    Years with UNL: 3 years
    Years with UAAD: 1+ years
    I have enjoyed contributing to UAAD as the chair of the program committee this year and want to continue to serve on the board next year. I have been secretary for other organizations and volunteer groups I work with, and I know this is role in which I will serve the UAAD membership well.


  • Andrea Balkus
    Current Position: Grants Coordinator II
    Years with UNL: 3 years
    Years with UAAD: 2 years
    I strongly believe in UAAD’s mission of providing leadership, networking, professional development, and growth for managerial/professional staff. I personally have benefited greatly from being a UAAD member. Co-chairing the professional development committee for the past two years has allowed me to forge great friendships and grow both professionally and personally. Being a part of the UAAD board has been a great experience and I would love to continue to serve our membership in a new capacity as treasurer.
  • Jennifer Hellwege
    Current Position: Associate Bursar
    Years with UNL: 21 years
    Years with UAAD: 15 years
    UAAD is a great organization that offers a place where you can network, learn from others, and grow. Its continued presence and voice will be important in the years to come. I am excited at the possibility of becoming involved with the board again and welcome the opportunity to contribute more directly to the organization. I feel my experiences on campus and accounting background will be a good fit to the position, and I would enjoy fulfilling the role of Treasurer.
  • Karen Wills
    Current Position: UPC Program Coordinator with Student Involvement
    Years with UNL: 17+ years (September 1999)
    Years with UAAD: 17+ years (October 1999)
    Thank you for the nomination to run for UAAD Treasurer. I have had a wonderful time learning and growing as a professional while serving as the UAAD Secretary for the past two years, previously as the UAAD Nominations Committee Chair, and as the UAAD Secretary for the two years prior to that. I have also served as a UAAD “Birds of a Feather” Moderator for Mentors and Advisors and chosen as the UAAD Member Spotlight for January 2011. As professionals, we must continue to learn just as we encourage our students to do, therefore modeling what we teach. Being Treasurer will provide me the opportunity to utilize my organizational skills, attention to detail, and accountability, as well as expand my financial knowledge from overseeing a $275K budget for the University Program Council (UPC). If elected Treasurer, I will provide accurate budgets, timely reports, and continue to assist with outreach efforts through social media for membership recruitment/retention and promotion of our motivational and educational workshops.

Message from UAAD President Charlotte Frank

The year is flying by and here we are with only two more months of UAAD meetings and events in “the works”. I appreciate all of you who have taken time out of your busy work schedules to attend the many programs we had this year. Being a member of UAAD or any other professional organization is a commitment to participate, in order to benefit from the offerings of that association.

Charlotte Frank

I want to start by thanking the Professional Development Committee (Andrea Balkus, Deb Eisloeffel and Becky Carter) for an excellent workshop which was well-attended March 29th at NET. Josh Erickson, from Team Concepts, led us through a lively and interactive three hours in which participants learned how to use their strengths to manage engagement with their employees and co-workers. Be sure to check out UAAD’s Facebook page for some great pictures, taken by committee chair, Andrea. You will see what I mean by lively and engaging!

Many of you attended the meeting we had in the 2015-2016 year at the Nimbus Lab, where we learned about the research and capabilities of drones in many aspects of our daily lives. We had an opportunity in March to hear Matt Waite present to us about the use of drones in news reporting. The meeting was held at the College of Journalism, where the lab is located. We are so fortunate to have two drone labs on the UNL campus and both engaged in state of the art/cutting edge experiments. Some of our best monthly meetings are those that take us to the departments where great things are happening across this campus.

And sometimes our programs take us to the edge of campus like our March 24th meeting at The Bay. Kudos to Jenny Schnase and Meg Kester for planning a special outreach program on site. We are so used to collecting for various organizations with donations being accepted on campus, and without really seeing where we are donating to in our efforts. It was a pleasure to tour The Bay and hear from those individuals who have been instrumental in growing this wonderful resource for the youth in our community. The work they are doing is phenomenal and in addition, they are one of a small number of indoor skateboard parks in the United States.

Mark your calendar for our April 19th monthly meeting at Campus Recreation’s east campus facility, Recreation and Wellness Center. We will meet at 11:45 (brown bag lunch in the kitchen) and then have a short business meeting at noon. Kimberly Barrett, Assistant Director for Wellness Services & Fitness Programs, will be our presenter. She will be sharing her wealth of knowledge with us on topics ranging from the importance of having a healthy workforce to what UNL is doing to help keep health benefit costs low.

The date for our end-of-the-year picnic will be May 10th. We needed to change the date from what we had originally scheduled so save this date. We will meet at the Wicks Alumni Center at 11:45 and a picnic lunch will be provided. Weather permitting, we will be set up outside on the south side of the building. This is the time of year when we announce the new officers for the next year and recap the current year’s events. More information on this event will be forthcoming.

Human Resources and the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance is sponsoring a workshop on April 7th at the City Union, titled “Inclusivity Squared”. Ellen “Ellie” Krug will conduct a two-part presentation on inclusivity and personal perspective-building. This is an education and enrichment event for anyone who wants to “get it right” relative to living and working in a more inclusive environment. There will be two sessions; “Gray Area Thinking” from 12:00-1:45 pm and “Transgender 101 from 1:45-3:00 pm. The sessions will be streamed live. If you would like to know more, visit their webpage.

I want to thank all of you who participated in the tobacco-free campus survey. The response was great from staff, faculty and students and the results were overwhelmingly in favor of developing and implementing a policy for UNL to become a tobacco-free campus. The Tobacco-Free Campus Committee has met since the survey results were finalized and the “heavy lifting” now begins as we work toward developing goals to fully engage the university community in communication and policy implementation plans over the next several months. I hope you can plan to attend one or both of the remaining UAAD monthly programs. This is a busy time of year for everyone so I appreciate you adding UAAD to your calendars!

On February 15th, we celebrated UAAD’s 55th anniversary at our annual Founder’s Day Awards. Mike Boehm, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Harlan) Vice Chancellor for IANR and University of Nebraska Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources was our guest speaker and again we were fortunate to have Mike attend this event and present the awards to our winners. We want to congratulate Jenny Schnase, the winner of the Carl A. Donaldson Award for Excellence in Management Award. Jenny is Assistant Director, Project Controls Manager, Facilities Planning & Construction. Our congratulations also go out to Robin Bowman, the winner of the Floyd S. Oldt Award. Robin is Assistant Director for Injury Prevention and Care at Campus Recreation. Thank you to all of the UAAD committee members who helped make this event a terrific success! I also want to thank all of those who attended.

Mark your calendars for some or all of the March events planned. As UAAD members, you have excellent professional development, outreach and learning experiences coming your way in the next 31 days!


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