Beginning July 1, 2021, UAAD is suspending the Bylaws and will be in hiatus for one year.

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President's Message

During the April 14, 2021 General Meeting, we had a discussion on the future of UAAD. There is a lack of volunteers to fill the required leadership positions for the 2021-22 year. While we all see a purpose and need for UAAD to continue, it’s not feasible without people willing to fill the leadership roles. A motion was made to suspend bylaws to go on hiatus for one year. Continuation of employee liaisons to extend for one year if they agree. A vote was taken at a special June 11, 2021 meeting. By a 2/3rds vote of all those in attendance, the motion was passed.

Beginning in July 1, 2021, UAAD is suspending the Bylaws and will be in hiatus for one year. Since this is unprecedented, we are working to figure out how to continue to function and reorganize in the future. There are still a lot of unknowns. A core group of people will stay in touch with each other and the membership as it exists today. Our Microsoft Teams will remain active and updates will be posted in there. Please use this space to ask your questions and share information.

Our vision is that progress on the creation of some sort of staff governance group will change how UAAD functions as a voice for staff and supplier of employee liaisons for various committees and councils at the university.

I can’t thank our 2020-21 leaders enough for this past year. It has been an honor working with such a dedicated and passionate group of people. I hope to see all of you back in a new and reinvigorated UAAD in 2022-23. Much love and thanks to you all.