As of July 1, 2022, UAAD is dissolved.

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UAAD's mission is to provide leadership, networking, professional development and growth on behalf of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's managerial/professional employees.

UAAD serves as a contributing partner to the University mission of teaching, research and service/outreach.


UAAD will engage managerial/professional employees through professional development, social consciousness, and representation on all levels at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and system wide.

Organization Goals

  1. Stimulate the improvement of operations in administrative and managerial areas of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln;
  2. Promote professional development among participating members through the exchange of ideas and techniques;
  3. Provide a vehicle of communication between University of Nebraska–Lincoln administration and the administrative and managerial/professional staff.
  4. UAAD is frequently called upon by the chancellor and the vice chancellors to provide input on issues affecting university employees and to provide representatives to serve on campus committees. Also, the concerns of administrative and managerial / professional employees are addressed by the organization and brought to the membership. The position of the organization is established and communicated to campus administrators.

General Membership meetings are held September through May. Speakers are scheduled at each meeting to provide a program of interest to the membership. In addition, the organization offers seminars and workshops to promote the professional development of its members.


  • To provide leadership on behalf of Nebraska's managerial/professional employees
  • To promote professional development between participating members through the exchange of ideas and techniques
  • To provide a vehicle of communication among the UAAD membership, the university administration, the NU Central Administration and the administrative and managerial/professional staff of the University, as well as a source for administrative officials to call upon for representation from these staff groups on committees or task forces as deemed appropriate by those officials
  • To serve as a partner in contributing to the University mission of teaching, research and service/outreach