The Carl A. Donaldson Award

In 1972, UAAD established an annual award for excellence in management named for UAAD founder Carl A. Donaldson. A graduate of the University of Nebraska, Donaldson devoted his entire 43-year professional career to University service. 

This award was designed to promote the purposes of UAAD and to recognize University of Nebraska–Lincoln employees who demonstrate outstanding skills in management.

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The Floyd S. Oldt Award

Established in 1992 as part of a bequest from a trust established by Floyd S. Oldt, a member of the Nebraska Class of 1920. Oldt was a superintendent of Abel Construction Co. in Lincoln before moving to Dallas, Texas, where he became a prominent general contractor. Oldt was a generous contributor to many humanitarian and civic organizations.

The award recognizes employees who demonstrate exceptional service and dedication to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Call for Nominations + Nomination Form

2019 UAAD Founders' Day Awards

UAAD celebrated Founders' Day on March 20, 2019 - its 57th year at Nebraska. Diane Mendenhall, Associate to the Chancellor for External Engagement, provided a keynote address and assisted in presenting the annual Donaldson and Oldt Awards.

This year’s recipient for the Carl A. Donaldson Award for Excellence in Management is Rachel Larson, Director of the College of Business Career Center.

This year’s recipient for the Floyd S. Oldt Award for Exceptional Service and Dedication is Donelle Moormeier, Business Manager for the newly created Louise Pound Hall Business Coop in the College of Arts & Sciences.

2019 Donaldson and Oldt Award Nominees
L-to-R: 2019 Carl A. Donaldson Award for Excellence in Management: Rachel Larson (accepted by Celeste Spier); Carrie Jackson (Donaldson nominee); Ben Lennander (Donaldson nominee); 2019 Floyd S. Oldt Award for Exceptional Service and Dedication: Donelle Moormeier; Melanie Kellogg (Oldt nominee).
Not pictured: Milunka Brajic (Donaldson nominee); Stephanie Kuenning (Donaldson nominee); Joe Goodwater (Oldt nominee).

Past Recipients


1973 Ronald W. Wright
1974 Ruth Michalecki
1975 Roy Rasmussen
1976 Terry Tallon
1977 Charles Koopman
1978 Ray W. Coffey
1979 Joseph Pospichal
1980 James Van Horn
1981 Elvis A. Dickason
1982 Daryl Swanson
1983 Harley Schrader
1984 Douglas Zatechka
1985 Theodore E Pfeifer
1986 James Knisely
1987 Bud Dasenbrock
1988 Richard Mills
1989 Viann Schroeder
1990 Alan Moeller
1991 Glen Schumann
1992 Stan Campbell
1993 D'vee Buss
1994 Bruce Currin
1995 Al Papik
1996 Del Dearborn

1997 Dan Duncan
1998 Marilyn Bugenhagen
1999 C. W. "Butch" Hug
2000 James Main
2001 Kenda Scheele
2002 Mark Schroeder
2003 Tad McDowell
2004 Rich McDermott
2005 David DeFruiter
2006 Vicki Highstreet
2007 Mary LaGrange
2008 Jeffrey Bassford
2009 Jeanne Wicks
2010 Debra Arent
2011 Rik Barrera
2012 Bill Goa, Jr.
2013 Dodie Eveleth
2014 Donna Hahn
2015 Alecia Kimbrough
2016 Deb Johnson
2017 Jenny Schnase
2018 Jeff Golus
2019 Rachel Larson


1990 Howard Parker
1992 Kim Todd
1993 Roshan Pajnigar
1994 Lisa Schmidt
1995 Jim Peterson
1996 Linda Rossiter
1997 Linda Roos
1998 Rosalee Swartz
1999 Faye Moulton
2001 Polly Putney
2002 Sally Buchholz
2003 Bill Bode
2004 Ardis Holland
2005 Mark Powell
2006 Linda Major

2007 Julie Hagemeier
2008 James Fischer
2009 Karen Fulton
2010 Linda Arnold
2011 Kathe Andersen
2012 Lyda Snodgrass
2013 Amy Lanham
2014 Steve Booton
2015 Lindsay Augustyn
2016 Kate Engel
2017 Robin Bowman
2018 Stephanie Vendetti
2019 Donelle Moormeier