Nomination process

Nomination process

Committee Duties

  • In March of each year, seek nominations and committee interests of the UAAD membership by preparing/ distributing a "UAAD Interest Inventory" to the membership. This form:
    a) allows the Committee to gather data about membership interests; i.e., who is willing to serve on committees or as officers
    b) serves as a nomination form to be used for the annual election of officers. Committee access to/familiarity with database software is helpful, but not required.
  • Input and analyze data collected; prepare reports to be used for:
    a) preparation of the official ballot for approval by the Executive Board
    b) preparation of a report showing members' interest in serving on various committees--to be used for committee appointments.
  • Announce slate of officer candidates at the April meeting.
  • In April of each year, prepare and distribute official ballot to the membership. The votes are tabulated by the Nominating Committee.
  • Give election results to the President-Elect for announcement at the May meeting.
  • The nominating committee consists of the committee chair along with the current UAAD President, President Elect, and Webmaster. The Nominating Committee shall solicit nominations for offices to be filled by polling the membership. Members may nominate themselves or another member; however, no member's name shall be listed on the official ballot without that person's consent.
  • The Nominating Committee shall make every effort to insure that there are at least two people nominated for each office. In the event that two candidates are not available, a nominee will be allowed to run unopposed.
  • In April of each year, the Nominating Committee will distribute to the membership an official ballot via email containing all of the approved nominations for each of the offices to be filled. Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the members who submit ballots by the stipulated date. The vote tabulation process will be managed by the Nominating Committee.
  • Attend monthly board meetings and report on committee’s activities.
  • Prepare year-end report outlining all programs, evaluation information and recommendations for next year's programs. The report is to be given to the board as well as saved on the UAAD shared drive. 

Sample Timeline

March 15
Send out reminder to members to visit the following link:​ by March 25, 2015 to complete:

  • UAAD Officer Nomination (fill in your name or nominate a UAAD member)
  • Committee Member or UAAD Representative Interest Inventory (check all areas in which you would be willing to serve)

March General Meeting
Remind members during the UAAD General Meeting to submit officer nominations

March 25
Deadline to submit officer nominations

March 25 thru April 5
Contact members nominated for an officer position by phone or email to check if they will accept their nomination

April 6
Send out ballot via email and ask members to vote for officers

April 15
Remind members during the UAAD General Meeting to vote for officers by April 17

April 17
Close voting

Prior to May’s General Meeting
Contact nominees to let them know election results and encourage non-winners to be part of a committee

May’s General Meeting
Announce newly elected officers during the UAAD Spring Picnic