Past Professional Development Events

Past Professional Development

Power Hour: Unlocking Success through the Five-Minute Favor
March 27, 2019

Adam Grant, Wharton School of Business expert and author of Give and Take, tells us that being a Giver can not only make you the most successful person in the office, it can make you happier in life. Givers succeed because they have stronger networks and they inspire highly collaborative teams. Deb Eisloeffel, College of Business HR Manager, led this interactive brown-bag session that taught participants the benefits of being a Giver rather than a Matcher or a Taker. Deb helped participants identify their Giver Super Powers and learn how to avoid Giver burnout, while also leading them through a live Reciprocity Ring to experience the simple Giver's Tool - the Five-Minute Favor.

Power Hour: No-Drama Leadership: Managing Energy, Not People
Feb. 25, 2019

Deb Eisloeffel, College of Business HR Manager, led this interactive brown-bag session based on the reality-based philosophy of HR expert Cy Wakeman, to help participants learn to be the kind of leaders that deal with the facts, clarify roles, give effective feedback, and help their people think clearly and productively. As reality-based leaders, participants will be able to:
–Uncover destructive thought patterns within yourself and others.
–Diffuse negative drama and emotional waste and lead the person in front of you.
–Stop managing and start leading, empowering others to focus on facts and think for themselves.

LinkedIn: Top Ten Tips for Online Networking
Oct. 22, 2018

Diane Siefkes, a business coach with a marketing focus, led this Lunch & Learn where the Top 10 things to do (and not to do) on LinkedIn were discussed. Participants walked away with a 10 minute per week strategy to power up their LinkedIn activity.

Change Leadership at UNL and the University of Nebraska
April 24, 2018

This workshop examined some of the broad campus-wide change we are experiencing and explored ways to best comprehend and lead change. The seminar focused on making sense of change initiatives, effective ways to lead when managing a new or virtual team, building a coaching model to support employees during change, and hands-on case studies dealing with change in higher education. Nancy Myers, director of organizational development for UNL Human Resources facilitated this workshop.

Conversations That Get Results
April 13, 2018

Kaylea Dunn, a Human Resources Project Specialist at Olsson Associates, led participants through a step-by-step guide on approaching difficult conversations and helped them develop a script they can use for an upcoming conversation of their choosing. The ability to deal skillfully with unmet expectations, communication issues or differing viewpoints is a core capability of both successful organizations and successful individuals. And, the willingness to have these conversations is at the heart of accountability.

Strategic Thinking for Non-Strategic Minds
November 17, 2017

Suzanne Ritchie, M.S., Ed.D, a Learning and Development manager at TD Ameritrade, led workshop participants to:

  • Define Strategic Thinking
  • Identify the Four Characteristics of Strategic Thinkers
  • Leverage Tools and Tips to Apply Strategic Thinking Skills
"Using Strengths to Manage Engagement"
March 29, 2017

This hands-on workshop, presented by Josh Erickson of Team Concepts, allowed participants to connect with peers around the topic of engagement. The take-aways from this experience included:

  • Understanding the engagement cycle all employees experience
  • Learning how to provide specific encouragement to your team
  • Developing the perfect culture for your team to thrive
  • Reinforcing how strengths add value to everyone on your team
Building on a Foundation of Strength
November 10, 2016

This workshop aided attendees to think about their Gallup Strengths and how to put their results into action. For others, it was an opportunity to learn more about the program. Session facilitators were Becky Carter, Human Resources Specialist, IANR Finance and Personnel, and Deb Eisloeffel, Human Resources Manager, College of Business Administration.

TED Conversations

It was like a book club, but their lips move! In these free one-hour brown bag sessions participants viewed a TED talk and enjoyed a moderated conversation about the topic. Conversations were held on:

  • Feb. 11, 2016, 12 pm –1 pm
    “Start with Why,” by Simon Sinek
  • Mar. 10, 2016, 12 pm–1 pm
    “Lead Like the Great Conductors,” by Itay Talgam
Fresh & Fierce
October 14, 2016

Paul Wesselmann’s return visit to Lincoln was a unique opportunity for UAAD members, as well as the university community. As the organizers stated, "We have invited our longtime buddy to share some of his latest research and strategies around maximizing effectiveness. He spent several months reviewing the considerable research that has centralized around a handful of simple, specific, and significant actions we can take to more consistently bring our best selves to our daily lives. This fast-paced session will explore the current thinking around optimal living and provide practical tools you can use immediately to create sustainable improvements in your personal *and* professional effectiveness. Paul holds degrees in psychology and higher education, and worked on several campuses as he developed a passion for leadership training. Over the last two decades, he has spoken on almost 200 campuses and keynoted dozens of student leadership and professional development events. Over 30,000 people subscribe to his weekly email newsletter, Ripples, and thousands more follow his upbeat and informative social media posts. You can learn more about his work at or follow @RipplesGuy on most social media.

Discover and Use Your Strengths
April 13, 2016

Participants took the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment before the workshop and worked with the director of the College of Business Administration’s new Strengths Lab, Mark Pogue, to understand the unique ways they experience their strengths and how they influence one another.

Being the Leader Your Followers Need
November 16, 2015

Amber Messersmith helped participants:

  • Determine their leadership and communication styles and how they compare to others’
  • Learn to read the situation to decide what kind of leadership is best
  • Learn effective leadership practices to use in their work right now
Tech Connect
October 20, 2015

The Tech Connect presentation featured the following topics and speakers:

  • ASANA – Robin Bowman, Assistant Director, Campus Recreation
  • TODOIST – Andrea Schreiber, Grants Coordinator, Sponsored Programs
  • OUTLOOK – Deb Eisloeffel, Human Resources Coordinator, College of Business Administration
  • ONENOTE – Ashley Kiekhoefer, HR Specialist, IANR
  • TWITTER – Ranelle Maltas, Technology Training Services Manager, IT Services
  • LINKEDIN – Tyler Thomas, Social Media Specialist, University Communications
Appreciative Inquiry and Humble Inquiry – The Art of Asking Rather than Telling and the Search for the Best in People
February 3, 2015

Presented by Nancy Myers, Director of Organization Development for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Tools for Innovation and Creativity
April 9, 2015

Dr. Farritor shared some great insights into ways we can tap into our creativity to get outside our silos. Enjoy some of his talks recorded on YouTube.

Negotiating Power in a Bureaucracy
October 16, 2015

Dr. Rachel Pokora explored the levels of power that exist in bureaucracies. Participants learned to identify different types of power and considered multiple ways of negotiating that power in their relationships, in their departments and on the university level. Pokora is Professor of Communication at Nebraska Wesleyan University. She teaches courses on theory, leadership, gender and communication in contemporary society.