UAAD Connect logo

UAAD Connect, a voluntary program sponsored by the Carl A. Donaldson Fund, has been created to:

  • Connect UAAD members with other UAAD members across campus.
  • Inspire UAAD members to share their knowledge and experiences of the university with other UAAD members.
  • Encourage networking among UAAD members.

UAAD Connect members volunteer as "ambassadors" to assist in welcoming new members by reaching out by email, phone, or in person at UAAD events and meetings, to help open communications amongst members, while allowing new members to get a broader scope of UAAD and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln by interacting and sharing information.

If you are a new UAAD member, you will be contacted by fellow members or Ambassadors to begin conversations and new friendships.

Here's why you should try it:

“This has been a great experience! I’ve gained a friend while learning more about other areas of the university.”

“Great to get to know someone and to get a perspective from another area of campus.”

“It was great meeting and visiting with another person from a totally different area of campus than I was familiar with.”

“I have a new friend. Learned a lot about another area of campus I knew little about.”

“The experience was positive on so many levels.”

“Got to meet someone I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet otherwise.”

“I gained a new contact at Nebraska. Great getting to know one another, making a connection that wasn’t there before.”